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Fly fishing for rainbow trout, American River, Alaska.Catch and release trout fishing. Keep'em Wet.Evening on the Bulkley River, British ColumbiaFly fishing the Kanektok River, Alaska.The search for steelhead. British ColumbiaFlight above the Goodnews River, Alaska.Lunch at high water, North Platte River, Wyoming.Spey castingUT-GRN-1004-1.jpgBC-Bulkley-6881BC-Bulkley-7020BC-Bulkley-7147BC-Bulkley-7158Morning frost on a sockeye salmon, British Columbia.Spey on the Bulkley river.CAN-BLKL-9428Hatch fly reel, Scott THT spey rodBlue and black steelhead fly with Hatch Finatic reel.CAN-BLKL-9513Fly fisher in Cheesman Canyon, South Platte River, Colorado.